About Us


The Nigerian Association of Engineering Craftsmen is an engineering professional for Craftsmen Cadre. It was established after the amendment of Decree 55/70 by Decree 27/92 now ACT E11 which empowered COREN to register all cadres of engineering family. The Association was established in 1993.

The objectives of the Association are:-

  • to bring all engineering personnel within this cadre together to promote engineering profession in Nigeria.
  • to maintain high standard of professional practice in engineering and related industries, to ensure high and professional standards in all the related programmes in Technical Colleges in Nigeria.
  • to present to Government the views of the Association on any legislative enactment or proposed legislation on any subject or interest to the Association in line with Government policies.
  • to develop a forum for interaction between members and the community at large.
  • to effectively increase members' technical and leadership skills through seminars, conferences and lectures.


The Association organises Workshops, Seminars, Annual National Conference and Lectures.

The workshop and seminars offers:-

  • a forum for the training of current technology, knowledge and experiences from eminent speakers from engineering management and training.
  • a forum for the examination of current and future engineering crafts problems.
  • personal contacts and informal exchanges of views and experience.