About Us

Professional Membership Grade

Membership of the Association is open to all these who have shown interest and have also acquired skills in various aspects of Engineering craft training and practice based on engineering experience, educational background, course taken and examination passed.

The minimum entry point is National Technical Certificate/Advanced National Technical Certificate, C&G/WAEC Tech. Part One, Advanced C&G., Intermediate C&G., Federal Full Tech. Cert. Craft.

Six distinct categories of membership of the Association are hereby listed and discussed.

  • The Student Member
  • The Graduate Member
  • The Associate Member
  • The Corporate Member
  • The Fellow
  • The Honorary Fellow
Student - ST. NAEC
Graduate - GRD. NAEC
Associate - ASS. NAEC
Member - MNAEC
Fellow - FNAEC
Honorary - Hon. FNAEC

Categories of Members

  • The Student Member: All persons who are undergoing a course in Technical Institutions recognized by the Council of NAEC for the purpose of training engineering craftsmen are eligible to apply for the Student membership.
  • The Graduate Member: Graduate membership of the Association is for all persons who have academic qualification acceptable to the Council of the Association and have graduated from an approved Institution.
  • The Associate Member: This is also a step to becoming a full fledge of the Association. It is required that any person in this category should have had at least S.S.C.E with Govt. Trade Test Grade Two and Three with a minimum of 3 years engineering practical experience. He will be considered for Examination and Interview as associate Member.
  • The Corporate Member: Admission to the Corporate membership of the Association. It is required that the candidate should have had a minimum certificate of C&G/WAEC Technical Part One, Advance C&G., Intermediate C&G and Full Tech. Certificate Crafts or Trade Test 1 equivalent. The candidate must also be well exposed in his field of engineering practice. He/She must be able to carry out duties related to his discipline with minimum or no supervision. He/She is considered a MASTER in his field of engineering.
  • The Fellow: This is the highest Drade in the NAEC membership category. Admission to the Fellow of the Association s either by invitation of teh Council or by the application of the Corporate members of teh Association. Person(s) to be invited to fellowship of the Association are expected to have been involved in relevant appreciable and selfless services to the Association over a period of time. He/She must also be an authority in his/her engineering discipline. They may also be expected to submit a dissertation.
  • The Honorary Fellow: The Honorary Fellow of the Association is given to deserving members of teh Community whom the Council have found to have rendered notable assistance to the practice of engineering profession.